@niconiconi @carycha my website has no Javascript and I'd like to say it's because I don't need it... while that is mostly true, it's also because I'm scared of the zillion frameworks and whatnot, and have no idea where to even start.

@carycha It's presented like this is a bad thing but I'm over here wondering where to get a container of olive oil so big.

@carycha "developers" should read "marketing team demanding nightmarish levels of tracking and animations"

@carycha It absolutely makes sense and is not at all the industry making more work for itself that a website needs a build system more elaborate than a C++ project.

@bulkington @carycha It's actually so that developing complex web projects are "easier", "streamlined" and "more productive."

Please excuse me while I refresh my memory on how to do a webpack thing again...

@carycha Yep, feels about right.

Dear fellow webdevs: the web existed prior to javascript. Please stop forcing us to have javascript enabled just to read your website's articles. Javascript os great and powerful: use it judiciously.

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